Our Story

Whether looking to recognize employees, clients, business partners, a loved one, or yourself, PW Industries is here to help you Surpass Expectations with our one of a kind hand-crafted products.

What separates PW Industries from our competitors is our products are crafted by hand to our customers specifications in Bow, New Hampshire and Falmouth Massachusetts. Along with this, we pride ourselves in communication with our customers to ensure we provide the optimal product and service. 


In eighth grade, Paul Wiley took a wood working class and fell in love with it. For Christmas his freshman year, he wanted an airsoft gun, but instead received a lathe with instructions on how to make a pen. Upon returning to high school after Christmas break with a pen he made, a student on his hockey team inquired about the pen. Paul told him he made it, and that he could buy it off of him. A few days later, other students started to ask if they could buy a pen. As more and more students bought pens, Paul told the administration what he was doing, and they ordered pens for the teachers that were retiring. It was at this point where Paul realized he could turn a hobby into a business and he started reaching out to companies. 

Since 2014, PW Industries has work with corporations such as American Standard, Medtronic, Holy Cross, RSM International, Airmar Technologies, and many more, as well as hundreds of individuals. On February 23, 2017, PW Industries won the Shark Tank competition at the College of the Holy Cross.